To the American friends and customers of Amedei:  

Nov. 1, 2008: Our web store at will be be opening any day now for the 2008-9 holiday season!

Please check back regularly...trusted, award-winning haute chocolate favorites will be here, along with some new and redesigned products and gifts for the cooler weather and the upcoming holiday season...including new hot chocolate!

Commercial and media visitors may contact us with questions or requests at one of the following email addresses:

Hotel, restaurant or other food services customer:    
Journalist or media producer:    

About Amedei:  

Amedei strives to bring forth the beautiful poetry and artistry that only the world's rarest and finest chocolates can achieve. Amedei is the synthesis of the best soil, cocoa genetics and raw materials; an exclusive craft-based production process, and the passion and creativity of true lovers of chocolate.

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